Episode 100 / Pilot — “Prologue”

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This episode is the Captain’s memories of the time of the ships launch while in the Observation Lounge once she’s reached her first destination. What did the Captain accomplish while getting ready for the launch?

Jacob Stanford as Capt. Michael A. Decker
Dean Rogers as Commander Alexander Jarvis
Michael Stutelberg as Lt. Cmdr. William Elberg
Michael Liebmann as Cf. Engineer John Daniels
Chris Carothers as Lt. Cmdr. Paul Hutchinson
Alexis Waters as Conn Officer Ens. T’Mir
Marc Friedman as Lt. George Clement
Jerry Stanford as Admiral Robert March
Renda Carr as Captain Decker’s Mother
Michael Day as Captain Decker’s Father
Tina Anderson as Dr. Diane Moss
John Kwan Yuen as Lt. Charles Reese
Spring Stanford as Lt. JG Bethany Chase

Paul Lavelle as the Announcer and the Computer Voice.